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Basic Oils and Anger

Outrage influences every one of us in various manners. A few people find that outrage is basically non-existent in their lives while others will find that in the event that they don't effectively work to manage it will assume control over their lives. Outrage is a characteristic feeling, something we have all accomplished sooner or later in our lives. Because it is a characteristic thing, doesn't imply that we ought to just say there is no way around it. Innumerable individuals make changes in their lives each day that influence a characteristic capacity. We are not captives to our cravings, our feelings, or our bodies. We as a whole can settle on decisions. I understand that a few people have hormonal scatters that settle on it difficult to settle on a decision on occasion, yet we can address the test, address the confusion in the body, and decide to make changes that will, at last, address the displeasure the executives issue. It will take persistence, however there is cons…

Thank God for good doctors (and good mothers who find them)!

My Mom continues to be one of the greatest forces for good in my life, and this has certainly proved true in the health arena. As I mentioned below, she helped me locate Mary Shomon's doctor in McLean, VA, which isn't toooo far from Columbia. One has to navigate the infamous Washington beltway to get there, but even with the beltway traffic it was worth it to find a good doctor who speaks my language and whom I can trust to restore my energy level and...well-being!

Dr. Adrienne Clamp at Well Being - Being Well has been wonderful. My first appointment was 2 hours long, and much of that was spent with her, explaining my health history in a variety of areas and getting her feedback.

I retook the saliva test, and went to Labcorps to have blood drawn for an array of indicators, including iron, B vitamins, vitamin D, cortisol, thyroid antibodies, etc. As it turns out, my thyroid supplement needs a little tweaking because my T4 is low, and I was low in vitamin D, iron, and selenium. I …