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Basic Oils and Anger

Outrage influences every one of us in various manners. A few people find that outrage is basically non-existent in their lives while others will find that in the event that they don't effectively work to manage it will assume control over their lives. Outrage is a characteristic feeling, something we have all accomplished sooner or later in our lives. Because it is a characteristic thing, doesn't imply that we ought to just say there is no way around it. Innumerable individuals make changes in their lives each day that influence a characteristic capacity. We are not captives to our cravings, our feelings, or our bodies. We as a whole can settle on decisions. I understand that a few people have hormonal scatters that settle on it difficult to settle on a decision on occasion, yet we can address the test, address the confusion in the body, and decide to make changes that will, at last, address the displeasure the executives issue. It will take persistence, however there is cons…

Immunity boosters

When it comes to immunity...'s not so much about fighting or avoiding every germ. We all have cancer cells in our bodies, and a strong body keeps them under control and from spreading.'s not about chasing symptoms and simply getting comfortable and pain- or irritation-free again.

It's about strengthening our bodies. It's about looking for the root cause of sickness.

Symptoms are simply the smoke alarm going off to alert us to a problem inside our bodies, forcing us to take action and look for the "fire." (Not beat the heck out of the alarm or remove the battery. ; ) )

Here is a mental list I've collected over the years of immune-boosting foods and remedies that strengthen our bodies, and that we try to use regularly, and especially during sick season and while sick:

coconut oil

gobs of bone broth soup

herbal teas with cinnamon, clove, herbal chais, etc.

lemon juice and manuka honey

Berry Well elderberry juice supplement from

Bragg's apple cider vinegar

fermented food and drink from our PA farmer (delivered to our door...ask me about it!): beet kvass, sauerkraut, fermented pickles, kombucha

minimizing sugar and sweets, and using good sweeteners like stevia, raw honey, good agave, and real maple syrup from PA

lots of organic onions and garlic in cooking


Aaaaaaaaaaand a variety of brands we used to use, but don't anymore because we've found something much more powerful and worth our money...

Young Living essential oils! EOs are simply the most powerful part of the plant. The Premium Starter Kit contains 11 important immune-boosting oils (that we use daily and don't let go "out of stock" in our house!) plus a diffuser...that's where we started for immunity and wellness (my story and ordering info here)

Thieves oil (the big immunity's in the Premium Starter Kit)

Ningxia Red
(1.5 oz a day for me, .5 oz a day for the kids...made a big diff for us last winter!)

Super C
(tablets for me, chewables for kids)

Thieves mouthwash
(I swish and gargle, packs a punch)

Thieves spray
(spray little and big hands every time we get back in the car from being out)

Inner Defense capsules
(or my own capsules with 2-3 drops each of Oregano, Thyme, Lemongrass, Thieves, and Frankincense)

Life 9
(amazing probiotic)

Thieves cough drops

Lemon and other citrus oils in water
(gentle detox and immune-booster)

We use most of this stuff DAILY, esp during the winter.

Our bodies are made to heal themselves, but we have to give them what they need (and were made to run on)...consistently! You don't put gas in your car a few times a year. ;)

Wellness is complicated and our bodies are "fearfully and wonderfully made." We need to get sick sometimes for detox and rest. But there's so much we can do to be proactive, and God has given us so many beautiful, natural, safe, side-effect-free and truly nourishing "wellness treats" to use!