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Why I Stopped Being An Astrologer and The Meaning Of My North Node

It’s been almost a year since I made my official announcement that I was going to stop doing astrology readings. After doing that and then revamping this blog, things have changed significantly in my life. For a while now, I thought it would be great to give you just one more article about this whole journey of mine. December of this year will be the official end of my first Saturn Return and it has been such a rewarding time of growth for me. Deciding to stop being an astrologer has been a part of that growth.
Many people were wondering why I not only stopped doing readings but why I decided to change this blog. There were also quite a few people who were not happy about me doing so. Among the negative responses I got, one person told me that I ruined their favorite blog due to “capitalism”, another person told me (in caps, which I hate because it's basically someone raising their voice at me) that my struggle over whether or not I should keep doing it all, like stopping my YouTu…

Moon in the 9th House: Need for Freedom

I felt compelled to write this article due to the fact that it’s so hard to find a satisfying profile of the Moon in the 9th House. I say this as someone who has their Moon in this house. The 9th House is one of the least understood houses in astrology, in my opinion. People always fall back on the cliches of “travel”, “foreign culture” and “religion” when it comes to the 9th House. Granted, all three themes do play a vital role in the 9th. But, to limit the description of a 9th House planet to those themes alone does not do this exciting, amazing house much justice and also becomes a very superficial way of looking at it. The 9th House, more than anything, represents the tenets of both truth and freedom. Living in ways that keep you feeling liberated, inspired, and honest are what being a 9th House person is all about. When you have the Moon in this house, this attitude is the key to your emotional security and well-being.

9th House Moon people experience a childhood that conditions them to seek out freedom, to never allow themselves to “settle” and be content with what is right in front of them, and to also depend on this code of utter authenticity and/or honesty. If you have this placement, you might have moved around a lot during some period of your upbringing, constantly changing places of residence or moving from one city to the next or even, in some cases, one country to the next. This makes not having a set comfort zone your comfort zone. Commonly, those with the Moon in the 9th grow up far away from their extended family. I did and this is why I spent a large part of my childhood engaging in one of the 9th House themes: travel. My traveling was within the country yet it was very frequent, taking plane rides for the holidays or breaks or summers to somewhere else. My first plane ride was at the age of seven and the majority of the time I flew growing up, I did so by myself (with an airline-assigned chaperone, of course, until I was sixteen).

Having to go from one place to the next, on some level, is what instills both the restlessness and need for freedom within the 9th House Moon. It’s not really a need to travel, although airports and flights do have a particular emotional effect on those of us with this placement, due to all of the memories we have of flying and traveling. It’s a need to not be limited or hemmed in. When you have this placement, you might, at times, feel the urge to buy a plane ticket to go off somewhere, particularly when things are getting to be too much emotionally. However, it’d be ridiculous to say that you have to work out your emotions by getting on a flight. It’s more so that, when your emotions take over or your needs aren’t met, you proverbially take flight. Whether it’s an unfulfilling job, an unsatisfying relationship, or a situation that’s weighing you down or cramping your style, you will take off into the sky so quickly that people don’t have time to register it until they see you flying through the clouds, going somewhere far away.

How and why you run off or move on will be explained by the sign your Moon is in. If it’s in Virgo, it’s because you find so much wrong with the situation and you’re doing it for self-improvement. In the sign of Aries, it would be because you’ve become too impatient with the circumstance you’re in and need to take the proper action to satisfy yourself. This pattern also has to do with your bond with your mother figure. Having a 9th House Moon indicates that your mother was always taking you away, in some sense. You embarked on various adventures with her, due to her nature. She had a certain restlessness, felt easily trapped, and/or was intent on letting nothing hold her back or keep her down. This included the role of Mom. So, her go-to response with you, whenever you were feeling a certain way, was to help you figure out the most positive exit strategy. Much of the time, this meant helping you move forward and not remain weighed down by any of your feelings. Encouraging you to get on with life, this sometimes had to do with her fear of being weighed down by your emotions. Her exit strategy was often to help you find one. That way, she wasn’t too encumbered by your needs.

As a result, you are particularly free (9th House) of neediness (Moon). You quickly counter whatever insecurities you feel with some sort of positive mantra, believing that you have no time to get caught up in all of that. You also have a way of processing your emotions without needing much validation or feedback from others about what you’re feeling. On some level, you always believe that what you’re feeling is inherently right. It’s just a matter of being honest about it. This stems from the influence of a maternal figure who felt like she was always right. Seeing herself as your beacon of hope, inspiration, or righteousness, she insisted so much that she knew what was best for you that she could’ve assumed or declared, sometimes, that you needed or felt things that you really didn’t need or feel. She can be an overwhelming influence, in this sense, and as much as you love her, a major part of your journey is being free enough of her influence to be truly emotionally aware. In doing so, you develop an ability to completely explore all of your emotions.

The total honesty that stems from true emotional exploration sends you down a very raw path in life. It allows you to let your guard down, more and more. The 9th House tells us what our journey in life is and with the Moon in the 9th, it’s a journey to become increasingly vulnerable and emotionally available. Your early years were so characterized by constant moves that it felt hard to become attached to or dependent on anything or anyone. Yet, you are also meant to attract many growing experiences in your life that teach you how to put yourself in a vulnerable position, how to get your real emotions and needs across. You convey your feelings restlessly, insatiably, wildly, or without a sense of restraint. However, when you don’t feel safe or supported, the fear, insecurity, or defensiveness you express can be just as out-of-control. Moving on too quickly from those states without exploring where they are coming from is what will eventually cause you to hit a wall.

This means that, at some point in your life, you have to come to grips with where you come from. Much of the Moon’s expression stems from our past. So, interestingly, this placement can go one of two ways: either being very unhappily stuck in the past or compulsively seeking to move on from it. Whatever happened to you growing up, you have to truly free yourself of it. You cannot function well if you remain stagnant and being trapped in those unsatisfying memories keeps you stagnant. Physically, you may be moving forward yet emotionally, you’re not. On the other hand, you can become so focused on outrunning your past, refusing to dwell on anything or remain attached to what was once, that you are obviously not dealing with some deeper issues. Never visiting your hometown or not keeping in touch with any of your former peers are a couple of ways that you are trying to get as far away from the past as possible. However, it always catches up with you!

It’s typical for 9th House Moon individuals to exist anywhere but where they grew up. I’m an example of that as I left my hometown as soon as I graduated high school, never looked back, and remained on a journey that took me further and further away from what I knew. This process of outgrowing also can have to do with one’s childhood religion. Commonly, 9th House Moon people have a very religious upbringing, primarily due to their mother, and then develop a different system of faith as adults (like the notion of believing in God but not religion). Many people do but it is a profound process for those of us with this placement. That religion very deeply affected us and once gave us so much comfort and safety. Then, we free ourselves from it to develop faith in something else, which we will still adhere to with a religious fervor.

However, maybe you need to stop and consider how those comfortable things from the past can be brought with you on your journey forward. When you’re being reflective and looking back, it’s very important for you to focus on the good things that have occurred. Be grateful! If you’re stuck in the past somehow (much likelier if your Moon is in a Fixed sign), then this perspective will help you move forward in life, no longer carrying the weight of that negativity. Your emotional nature gives you the compulsion to avoid too much negativity, scared of being deterred or consumed by it. Yet, if you are so busy trying to move on, stopping and taking a moment to appreciate the good things you experienced in your past will keep you from being so desperate to outrun it all. Whenever you’re doing that, you’re trying to outrun the negativity altogether, which doesn’t help, either.

You must find a way to turn whatever you’ve experienced into a positive, into some sort of lesson, and your Moon sign will tell you how to do that. If it’s in Scorpio, like mine, the lesson is to deeply transform and find your inner power. When it comes to experiences you have in life, you must fully believe that whatever didn’t kill you only made you stronger. If the 9th House Moon is in Taurus, the lesson is to constantly strive to feel good, be content, and know your worth. Your experiences in life will show you the importance of knowing your value and building the sort of self-esteem and life you want for yourself. This must also extend to your relationship with your maternal parent. Focus on the positive aspects of your mother and also realize that anything negative you went through with her or because of her was only a lesson. Either way, your experiences with her taught you a lot. This gives great buoyancy to this bond. Such an attitude has always defined this relationship, as it was probably very hard for you, growing up, to stay mad at her or upset with her.

Because of all of this, bouncing back from things exceptionally well is such a natural ability of yours. You’re not only resilient and positive but strive to get everything out that you’re feeling and then move on. It’s why you have such a striking kind of emotional honesty. Always listening to and trusting your internal radar, you don’t hold back when it comes to how you feel. While you are unable to fake it when it comes to your emotional states, you also don’t have too much of a need to exactly talk about your feelings, unless you have the Moon in Gemini or aspecting Mercury. Even then, it’s not as pressing as it is for others with those placements. You’re more about simply experiencing your emotions. You let your feelings take you wherever they want to take you, without thinking much about it. Ultimately, this makes you particularly unpretentious or uncensored.

You don’t have many worries about offending others with your moods or emotional expression. The way you see it is that they’re your feelings to experience, not theirs. Also, you will discover who is truly supportive and a safe space for you and who isn’t by how they handle your totally honest expression of your feelings. Using the responses of others as a guide also shows you who is most receptive toward your support. Being unable to inspire someone, cheer them up, or get them to heed one of your lessons is something that makes you feel like you have nothing to give them. But, if you are able to move them out of whatever emotional place they’re in and onward, then you feel like your support truly means something to them. However, you should watch out for a general sense of believing that your intuition is always right. It’s right the majority of the time, yes, but not all of the time. Thinking that can make you overbearing, believing so much that your response to someone is right that you’re not really listening to them, or wildly irrational, projecting feelings and needs on to people, like your Mom sometimes did with you, that turn out to not be true.

Turning up the volume of your Moon sign’s expression to a maximum level, you go beyond the limitations of where you come from to the point where you feel like you’re the foreign element. Being so instinctively honest allows you to remain largely unconcerned with much of what’s “appropriate” in regards to your environment, your family, or your culture. Other people can limit themselves with those concerns. You’re much freer than that! It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be or have to be a jerk. It just indicates that you operate by another set of ideals and beliefs. Being immersed in foreign culture for a period or being close to someone who hails from another country (my childhood best friend was British) helps you connect to something greater than your present circumstances or where you hail from.

So does the experience of going off to college. Many 9th House Moon people, including myself, experience college in a heartwarming, soul-stirring sort of way. You might feel more nostalgia for college, as a whole, than you do your childhood. It wasn’t just your home away from home. It felt like your actual home. Even if you didn’t go to college, leaving home helps you find the place you truly yearn to call home. But, there is still something that pulls you back. You might remain dependent on your family somehow during your late teens and early twenties, which keeps you from feeling as free as you could feel. Yet, that only makes you crave that freedom even more. This paradox within you emerges that makes you torn between being this wild thing who just wants total liberation and then surprisingly remaining attached to what is comfortable and familiar. You exhibit this pattern consistently throughout your life, speeding past the city limits, metaphorically speaking, and then getting homesick. But, remember that you can make a home anywhere. So, don’t let the place that you’re moving away from hold you back.