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Why I Stopped Being An Astrologer and The Meaning Of My North Node

It’s been almost a year since I made my official announcement that I was going to stop doing astrology readings. After doing that and then revamping this blog, things have changed significantly in my life. For a while now, I thought it would be great to give you just one more article about this whole journey of mine. December of this year will be the official end of my first Saturn Return and it has been such a rewarding time of growth for me. Deciding to stop being an astrologer has been a part of that growth.
Many people were wondering why I not only stopped doing readings but why I decided to change this blog. There were also quite a few people who were not happy about me doing so. Among the negative responses I got, one person told me that I ruined their favorite blog due to “capitalism”, another person told me (in caps, which I hate because it's basically someone raising their voice at me) that my struggle over whether or not I should keep doing it all, like stopping my YouTu…

My Birth Chart

August 8, 1989
7:20 PM
Little Rock, Arkansas

Aquarius Rising
    Moon square Ascendant

Sun in Leo
Sun in the 7th House
     square Pluto and Midheaven
     conjunct South Node 

Moon in Scorpio
Moon in the 9th House
     conjunct Pluto
     sextile Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune
     trine Jupiter

I’ve always put my birth info out there because I think that it’s a part of transparency as an astrologer. I rectified my birth chart years ago from a previously given time of about an hour earlier that proved to not be accurate. This chart is completely accurate for me, both in the natal placements and past and current transits/progressions, and it’s why I think it’s most important to trust your own instinct above all else when it comes to knowing your chart is right, even if you have the time on your birth certificate. Astrology is so uncannily accurate and your chart needs to be at that level of accuracy to be the right fit.