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Why I Stopped Being An Astrologer and The Meaning Of My North Node

It’s been almost a year since I made my official announcement that I was going to stop doing astrology readings. After doing that and then revamping this blog, things have changed significantly in my life. For a while now, I thought it would be great to give you just one more article about this whole journey of mine. December of this year will be the official end of my first Saturn Return and it has been such a rewarding time of growth for me. Deciding to stop being an astrologer has been a part of that growth.
Many people were wondering why I not only stopped doing readings but why I decided to change this blog. There were also quite a few people who were not happy about me doing so. Among the negative responses I got, one person told me that I ruined their favorite blog due to “capitalism”, another person told me (in caps, which I hate because it's basically someone raising their voice at me) that my struggle over whether or not I should keep doing it all, like stopping my YouTu…

Jupiter in the 5th House

Jupiter is the planet that represents what you believe in and the 5th House is all about creative energy. So, with Jupiter in the 5th, you have (or are meant to have) a lot of faith in your creative abilities and skills, which can manifest in so many ways! When we talk about “creativity”, people tend to think of that in terms of artistic talent. While Jupiter in the 5th House people are often gifted with these talents, they are not limited to them. Artistic skill is the specific use of creativity, which permeates anything and everything. Being creative is basically being able to make something out of nothing. So, it can touch just about anything in your life. When you’re creative, you do something with a special flair.

You inject life into what you’re touching, making it entertaining, dramatic, exciting, or colorful. Jupiter in the 5th House people are blessed with this kind of Midas touch that can turn anything into gold. It’s not necessarily cockiness, although a cocksure attitude can occur because of that which can have some messy results (more on that later). It’s more so just about having this strong vision and letting it dominate whatever you do, in a way that results in your own distinctive style, flair, or approach.

The 5th House is the heart and how we act from it; it’s a place of lively passion and spirit. It’s why it’s so associated with romance and love. With Jupiter in the 5th, it means that you can very easily be a fool in love. In matters of the heart, you do downright silly things for someone who you have feelings for. Sure, we all do. But, those of us with Jupiter in the 5th can believe so much in romance, in passion, in putting our heart out there on the line, that we can get hurt more often than others. This can also happen because we believed so much in the love affair that was brewing or that could possibly brew between us and this person that we didn’t stop to be more sensible about it. 5th House Jupiter people take a lot of gambles in their dating lives and can regularly end up in a lot of disastrous or just plain disappointing romantic situations because of this.

Well into adulthood, there is something about the Jupiter in the 5th House person that is like a crazed teenager in romantic situations. It’s like that side of you never dies.You still have outrageous crushes where you pine over that special someone and obsess over how hot he or she is and start mentally dating them before you actually date them. I think that this is what makes you so inclined to take a risk on someone you are attracted to. You can be so caught in up the drama of your attraction to them that you don’t slow down and figure out what’s actually going on. And if there actually is drama? Watch out! This is the other side of the passion of the 5th House and it can turn your teenage dream into an adolescent nightmare, which, as an adult, isn’t always so mature.

The drama will manifest differently, depending on the Jupiter sign. If the 5th House Jupiter is in Virgo, the object of your affection is such an idiot to not feel the way you do and you have a long list of how things could change and why! If you have Jupiter in the 5th in Aries, you may be exploding all over the place when things don’t go your way romantically and get really aggressive about it happening. In any case, your inner adolescent can come out in an embarrassing way that just makes it all worse. The upside of the 5th House Jupiter is that you see matters of the heart as growing experiences, so you can bounce back and move forward readily with an equally open heart.

You benefit a lot from believing in keeping your heart open and being eager to give love. Many people describe the 5th House as the “love you give” (while the 11th is the “love you receive”). So, with Jupiter in the 5th, you really have so much love to give someone else! This is something that can potentially be overbearing or overwhelming if you try to force this love onto someone else. The downside of Jupiter is that we can be so eager to get lucky in this area of life that we overdo it. Jupiter in the 5th House people can all too easily not have much chill in the romance department. You might not only try to make someone love you somehow but you can be guilty of forcing someone into your ideal picture of a date or a lover. On a date, you might become a bit controlling in terms of steering the conversation or the events toward the direction you want. The 5th House is also about sex, in a general and often casual way, and with Jupiter here, you might be seeking an ultra-passionate bout of sex that never really happens in reality, leaving you disappointed.

This all stems from your enormous creative energy, which goes back to my earlier point. Jupiter in the 5th House individuals have such a skill for creating situations or injecting such fascinating life into them that they feel like they always need to be doing that. So, you will constantly be trying to turn situations into what you envision them to be. The 5th House is the inner command you can call on to make something happen. Therefore, with this placement, you always feel like, “Things should be going the way that I want them to go.” You often are very good at this, which is the tricky thing. You can excel so much as a leader or entertainer or lover that you think that things should always go according to your will. Yet, life isn’t going to happen that way. So, this can set you up for foolishly believing that things will work out in your favor when the situation actually just explodes in your face, especially if you force it. However, the way to overcome the downside of your Jupiter is to just rein in it some. You should freely express this planet’s energy while still giving it some limitations.

But, let’s get into more of the wonderful things about this placement. Jupiter in the 5th House does give you a tremendous heart. Anyone who is lucky enough to be loved by you will be showered with a ton of affection. Also, maintaining an open heart will bring you so many positive opportunities, particularly in romance. 5th House Jupiter people can be highly attractive as they invest a lot of energy in moving beyond their particular disappointments in love. Most with this placement are not the kind of person to be held back by a bad string of lovers or dates. Even if you do go through a spell of this attitude, it will be temporary and won’t last long. Jupiter’s expansiveness will make you realize that there are too many people out there to give your heart to for you to be bogged down by the fact that the last person was a nutcase or a jerk. The sign Jupiter is in will show just why exactly you’re willing to keep your heart open, whether it’s because of a belief in self-improvement (Virgo), bravery (Aries), pleasure (Taurus) or vulnerability (Cancer).

Since Jupiter can give you a lot of whatever it represents, Jupiter in the 5th can also mean going out on an endless string of dates. It can get to the point of you becoming a real serial dater. But, I can personally attest that this is often accidental. You are just so intent on “moving forward” in love that when one lover drops out of the picture, it’s like you magically attract another one your way. You can just fall right into these kinds of situations. As long as we keep the door open to our Jupiter’s possibilities, things work out. So, as long as you remain open to dating, you will rarely be short of dates. Yet, you can go through long periods of just remaining in the casual dating phase, which is what the 5th House represents, without committing to an actual relationship.

This is not always intentional, either. It’s just that many of these brief love affairs, passionate flings, or string of dates just don’t really reach the commitment phase. They are fun while they last but they don’t last very long. So, you readily move on, chalking it up as just another experience under your belt. Unsurprisingly, it can take a lot for you to actually commit to someone on a long-term basis. This can be more or less of an issue, depending on the sign that Jupiter is in. But, Jupiter in the 5th House people come to grow and learn throughout their lives that a lot of these romantic situations are fleeting and not something to be taken too seriously. So, it can confuse you when your love interests think a few dates means that you’re all of a sudden “together”. If taken too far, though, it can cause you to be a downright player, bouncing from lover to lover just because. 

Jupiter in the 5th also shows that you are very creatively talented. Sometimes, this can mean being amazingly handy around the house, being able to put things together exceptionally well, having strong leadership skills that allow you to take command of various projects, activities, or ventures. You might be the go-to dinner party host amongst your friends, for example. However, this creative skill can also mean being a wonderful actor, singer, writer, visual artist, etc. 5th House Jupiter people who are into art are really, really into it. Thanks to the total ease of Jupiter, someone with this placement can have an arsenal of artistic talent that is downright effortless, just as long as they really believe in their skills and abilities.

Creative skills and projects of all kinds will bring you many positive opportunities. Jupiter in the 5th gives you a larger-than-life “star quality” that will allow you to assume whatever stage you need to in order to express your creativity and wow people. Your talents may actually be more noteworthy than you realize. It is important for you to not hold back in this regard, even if you end up outshining someone else in the process. Since the 5th House rules self-expression in childhood, as well, children with Jupiter in the 5th tend to be obviously gifted and talented in some area of life, especially the arts. Without even trying, you could outshine or outdo many of the kids around you, particularly when you were in your element. But, sometimes, you did try to do so. These children can potentially be “show-offs” but this is usually when they’re being ignored or their talents aren’t being validated. You basically may have needed a lot of validation or recognition as a child.

This little show-off is still within you, as the 5th House represents our inner child. So, there is still this part of you that threatens to jump out from behind the curtains and say, “Here I am!” Of course, don’t be obnoxious about this. Yet, being such a performer is something that you really benefit from. Few people gain such a high from entertaining as you do. It helps if you actually have some outlet that allows you to literally entertain people. You’ll be really good at it and it can help you chill out in other areas of your life. Since the 5th House represents a kind of personal charisma or distinctiveness, you will need to really believe that you’re special and that you’re a star. But, you have to do so without going overboard about it because, then, that’s just arrogant.

Yet, you won’t have to do much in order to convince others of your star power because something about you just shines. In childhood, you might have gotten the “golden boy” or the “princess” label, seeming to be the “chosen one” amongst other children. You might have also been a lot for the adults around you to handle, in some capacity or another. Jupiter in the 5th House kids have so much energy and such an excessive need for self-expression that they can downright exhaust teachers or parents if all that energy doesn’t have a place to go. The 5th House is the level of self-awareness that is willful and conscious, compared to the impulsive, behavioral self-awareness of the 1st House. So, with Jupiter in the 5th, even as a child, you possessed such a strong, vital self-awareness that made you often feel hell-bent on expressing yourself. It’s why you were so creative and needed such outlets. If not, you would totally explode!

If and when you actually have children of your own, you may find yourself getting some payback, in that regard. Jupiter in the 5th House people can end up having children who are an absolute handful. A person’s child will reflect their 5th House in some way. So, your child will probably have a strong Jupiter or Sagittarius influence, making him or her a very candid, uncensored, irrepressible sort of child. But, this reflects and speaks to your inner child because you might have spent a portion of your childhood being told to be quiet, contain yourself, or reel it in. This will compel you to urge your kids to really just express themselves and be themselves! Your ultra-honest little boy or girl will appeal to the ultra-honest little boy or girl within you that you remain very in touch with.

Also, you can display a strong belief in really connecting with your children and getting on their level. 5th House Jupiter people are usually downright amazing with kids and seem to speak their very language. You may seem to understand children in a way that many adults do not. Kids can be really magnetized toward you. Even before becoming a parent, you may be the total favorite aunt, uncle, cousin, or family friend to the children in your life, mostly because you’re so warm and fun with them. However, you do know when to set the playfulness aside and lay down the law when needed. The fact that you are both a big kid and a boss means that you can develop a very special relationship with your own children, understanding how to have a good time with them and allow them to be free while still remaining in charge.

This article is included in my e-book, Jupiter and Saturn in the Houses. It contains profiles of all 12 house placements of both Jupiter and Saturn, taken from the series of articles on the previous incarnation of Astrology Arena. The profiles of both Saturn in the 7th House and Saturn in the 12th House have been rewritten.